Thank the Canadians for shaking things loose (Lorne Michaels is Canadian)

The smell of sanity

Censored by Google/YouTube

Google/YouTube doesn’t want you to see this but somehow it made it onto network TV.

The power of live TV and comedy.

Saturday Night Live is a VERY powerful cultural institution – for good and evil.

It looks like they’re finally getting it right.

Is it a “coincidence” that a Canadian runs the show?

Lorne Michaels – creator and still producer of Saturday Night Live – is Canadian.

Other Canadians on Saturday Night Live

Ottawa-born Dan Aykroyd (1975-79)
Peter Aykroyd (1979-80), Brantford
Ont.’s Phil Hartman (1986-94)
Quebec City’s Norm Macdonald (1993-98)
Ottawa-born Mark McKinney (1995-97)
Toronto’s Mike Myers (1989-95)
Hamilton, Ont. native Martin Short (1984-85)

Just for fun, some other Canadian comedians:

Jim Carrey
Tom Green
John Candy
Seth Rogan
Leslie Nielsen
Eugene Levy
Tommy Chong
Paul Shaffer

With less than 10% of the size of US population, Canada punches way above its weight in comedy!

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