Addressing the harm caused by the CoVid Con

Anxiety disorders, depression, suicide has skyrocketed

Excerpt from the movie “Breathe”

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During the CoVid Com lock downs anxiety disorders, depression, and suicide among children and young people have skyrocketed.

What treatments are schools and pediatricians are going offer them?

We know the answer in advance: Drugs.

In other words, the Pharmaceutical Dictatorship we live in is going to follow the psychological brutality they’ve rained down on our children the past two years by slowly poisoning them – for profit.

We’ve been fighting the use of psychiatric medications for the “management” of children for over 20 years.

Now, we believe we have something to offer that goes beyond pointing out the problem and offers reliable solutions.

Note: If you want to follow up-to-the-minute news and analysis of the still-ongoing CoVid Con, subscribe to our sister publication Brasscheck TV.

To learn more about this therapeutic work visit


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