ANOTHER massive medical fraud revealed

Fraudulent science at the root of the Alzheimer’s research industry

Deliberate, intentional fraud uncovered years later

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In recent articles, we’ve seen that Pfizer is being sued for fraud based on faking trial results for their Magic V…

The “science” behind the 30+ year fraud of treating depression with drugs has finally been revealed to be a sham…

A medical school professor calls for the American Academy of Pediatrics to be disbanded because it is so corrupt and inept…

And this is only the Medical Mafia news report for August 2022!

Well, now there’s more.

All those billions spent on “Alzheimer’s research?”

It’s been revealed it was based on “science” that – many years after the fact – has now been exposed as calculated, deliberate fraud.

How many BILLIONS of dollars has Pharma made “treating” this disorder with remedies based on garbage science?

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