Could being vegan parents send you to jail?

The Doctors opinions

A proposed law in Italy could put
vegan parents behind bars

The Doctors, a daytime talk show, discuss the proposed Italian law of sending parents to jail for feeding their children a vegan diet.

In this law, parents who feed their children, age 16 and younger, a vegan diet could be sentenced:

– 1 year for a vegan diet
– 4 years if the child has permanent health problems
– up to 7 years if the child dies as result of vegan diet

The Doctors say that if you supplement your vegan diet properly to get all of the nutrients you need, that you are missing from meat and meat products, that a vegan diet can be healthier.

They think the law is an attack on vegan parents and as long as you feed your child the nutrients they need, a vegan diet should not effect them but not feeding them properly and knowingly omitting nutrients is neglect.

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