CoVid is a propaganda war

Recycling the HIV=AIDS Scam

Fauci & Co never intended an honest scientific discussion

The current CoVid controversy is about science, right?


It’s a propaganda war. The other side never intended an honest scientific discussion.

Not only that, they’re recycling tricks they’ve used in other medical scams – and no one is noticing.

Tragically, the “resistance” is fragmentary and focused on countering the minutia of the “Lie of the Day.”

It’s a losing strategy that will never win.

You can’t win a war if you don’t know the war you’re in.

The inherent, deliberate, calculated fraud in all this needs a spotlight shined on it.

Please share widely please. Send it to your favorite thought leader.

MORE: The film that destroys Fauci and the CoVid scam once and for all

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