Details on adverse reactions being ignored and suppressed

Why did Canada target indigenous people as vaccine guinea pigs?

Wide variety of neurological, immunological and structural damage

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I wonder if the big tech tyrants like Google, Comcast (NBC’s owner) and Verizon (Yahoo) will block emails with this in the subject line?

I guess we’ll find out.

Information you will absolutely not get anywhere else – and it’s serious.

The only way other people are going to see this is if you share it.

Until this date, 7/21/21, we’ve expressed no opinion about the vaccines other than to state the FACTS that: 1) they have not completed their safety trials, 2) have not been approved by the FDA, 3) the so-called vaccines represent is the first time this particular technology has been used on human beings.

Now we are seeing ample anecdotal evidence from veteran physicians that adverse reactions to these vaccines, some very serious, are common.

The physicians making these reports are being punished for promoting “vaccine hesitancy.”

I think any reasonable person with a shred of sanity left knows that the people enforcing censorship of there reports – and that would include Google, Twitter, and all the news networks – are engaged in an anti-social criminal conspiracy of vast proportions.

I would say they should be ashamed of themselves, but these people are incapable of shame.

The full interview

We hope to edit this to highlight the most important info, but if you have the 30 minutes to watch the whole thing, it’s well worth it.

We’re finally getting an understanding of exactly how these experimental gene therapies, which are NOT approved by the FDA and have never been used on human beings before, are injuring people.

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