Dying of over-treatment

Medical fraud piled on medical fraud

Dr Sam Bailey in conversation with Dr Claus Köhnlein

Dr. Sam Bailey in conversation with Dr. Claus Köhnlein (Co-Author of the book ‘Virus Mania.’)

We recommend this book very highly.

When people die “from CoVid” what are they actually dying from?

In many cases, they’re dying from advanced disease (or two or three) they already had.

In other cases, they are being killed by over treatment.

We went into this in great detail with one of the nurses who worked in one of the NYC government-run death hospitals in where anyone with the slightest respiratory distress – asthma, anxiety, bronchitis – was called a “CoVid case”, immediately put on a vent, and killed.

Yes, it was that bad.

We documented it here.

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