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The CoVid Crisis was a golden opportunity to:

EDUCATE the public on the value of 1) sunshine and fresh air, 2) natural sources of bio-available Vitamin C (like lemons), 3) fresh produce and pasture raised meat, eggs, and cheese and

WARN the public about the health destroying properties of: 1) industrial seed oils, 2) sugar and sweeteners of all kinds (ex. corn syrup) , and 3) garbage additives masquerading as “food.”

Instead people were told – no, commanded – to stay indoors out of the sunlight and the fresh air for months at a time.

What percentage of the trillions of dollars spent on the CoVid Con was spent advancing REAL public health?

The percentage is so small, it might as well be zero.

That – and the fraud that stampeded tens of millions of Americans into unwittingly volunteering to be guinea pigs for a medical procedure NOT approved by the FDA – tells you everything you need to know about the last year.

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