Fighting the good fight

Mothers on the front line

Protecting their children, protecting the world

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It was Mother’s Day recently and if I’d been better organized, I would have run this interview before hand, but better late than never.

Reality check: Who is making sure the world doesn’t fall off its axis?

Mothers, not just at home, but increasingly in the larger world.

The front line troops…the people fighting public school insanity and medical fascism…are mothers.

Today we interview one representative: Shilamida Kupershteyn.

Here’s the original story: New York Post

We could easily do an interview everyday of the year honoring these women and their tireless efforts and we’d not even scratch the surface.

Does the news media give these women the attention and respect they deserve? Of course not, in fact, it’s just the opposite, so it’s up to us.


Instagram: Goddess_of_Gratitude

Perspective on one of the issues raised in our interview

Opposition to discussing sexual topics in a classroom of small children is not just a “conservative” or “Christian” values issue.

It is straight up CHILD ABUSE to discuss sexual subjects with young children.

How is this news to anyone?

Whether that person is a teacher, a coach, a pastor, a cop, it doesn’t matter.

If in a specific case, a specific crime of abuse of a specific individual child is suspected that’s a different story, but a general discussion of sexual issues with children by anyone other than their parents or immediate caregivers is straight up child abuse.

I get that ideologues pushing pet social or sexual agendas don’t like this, but whether they like it or not it needs to be legally shut down.

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