How Amazon screwed buyers of the multiple Kindle Nuremberg Codes

And how to easily fix it

Our apologies

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I know it’s a shocker, but Amazon scammed us on the multiple Nuremberg Code Kindle buys.

It took us five phone calls, several days and an “escalation” to a supervisor to get Amazon to tell us the simple truth.

If you bought multiple Kindles of the Nuremberg Code pay special attention:

1. If you bought multiple copies of the Kindle but did not assign them to specific people (and they have to be in the US) by applying their emails to your order at the time of your order:

– Amazon pockets all the money
– Does not include those sales in the sales ranking for the book
– Does not pay the publisher and authors a royalty on sales.

However, because this is such an obvious scam and violation of FTC rules, you can easily ask for and receive a refund on your purchases – if you know how.

We made a video on how to do that. Sorry for the mess up, but when a corporation with a valuation of 1.16 trillion dollars and 1.2 million employees goes out of its way to screw you in a deal, it takes a bit of time to untangle it.

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