Is CoVid really an air pollution injury?

Dr. Zach Bush, MD

The virus theory underminded

What do Wuhan, Northern Italy and New York City have in common?

A very specific kind of air pollution that causes a very specific kind of lung injury.

Fauci says that it’s a “unique” virus the world has never seen before that causes these injuries.


Then why has the virus still not been “purified” i.e. clearly isolated. Fuzzy electron microscope photos don’t prove a thing.

Cells produce viruses. That much we know for sure.

Do virus “hijack” cells and force them to do their bidding as Fauci and other virus hunting fraud like Robert Gallo claim?

That has NEVER been proven. It’s just a hypothesis.

It is equally possible – and more logical – that cells produce virus-structures (and they are just that “structures”, NOT living things) in response to some kind of noxious stimulation and they are a sign that something is going wrong, not the reason for illness.

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