Miraculous healing, savage retaliation

Major update 10/22/20: The Story of the NBC-Troll Harassment Attack on a Family

She is not just attacking “anonymous Trump supporters” She works with trolls to attack families of children with autism

Since the beginning of Brasscheck in 1997, we’ve covered fraud and corruption in the Medical Industrial Complex.

We’ve paid considerable attention to the abuse of children by this industry specifically the use of psych meds to “manage” behavior and the excessive and ever-increasing vaccine schedule.

We’ve also been tracking the existence of a long established network of trolls who use the Internet to sadistically attack the families of children with autistsm along with their health care practitioners.

Amazingly, this ring receives the enthusiastic and consistent support of both the Times of London (a Murdoch property) and Comcast’s NBC with Brandy Zadrozny being point person for the latter initiative.

1. There are laws to protect health care practitioners and their patients from harassment against them by Pharma-organized trolls.

2. “Law enforcement” knows how to use these laws – when they feel like it

3. Pharma-funded troll rings – including the one that harass families with autistic children – are being given a “free pass.”

Mainstream news media enabler of an online harassers network, NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny

Support the legal action against NBC

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