More unreported clues to CoVid-19 transmission

Post-shift hygiene by hospital workers…

There is none

More unreported clues to CoVid-19 transmission.

I have suggested that hospitals themselves are a major if not the major source of the spread of CoVid-19 infections. (See previous pages on this subject.)

If that’s true, what would be the mechanism?

I asked a logical question and got a frightening answer:

What about post-shift hygiene by hospital workers before they hit the streets, stores, and go home.

There is none.

Don’t take my word for it.

What follows is Standard Operating Procedure for hospital workers in their own words and one colleague just told me he saw a worker in scrubs shopping today (March 27, 2020) in Los Angeles.

* Should scrubs be worn only inside hospitals to limit the spread of germs? (January 2015)

* Hygiene after hospital shift (November 2014)

* What kind of post-shift facilities do workers have at hospitals? (November 2008)

CoVid-19 may stick to clothes and foot soles

You can find your own sources too. There are plenty of them.

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