NY governor’s concentration camps fantasies thwarted

Sometimes we get good news

The woman who kept NY kids in masks longer than any country on earth and most states

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The un-elected Governor of New York Kathy Hochul – just a good old fashioned working class girl from Buffalo – wanted the power to:

1. seize any person any time
2. confine them in a place of her choosing
3. for as long as she wanted
4. on the suspicion that they *might* harbor a contagious illness of some kind.

No court order. No debate.

Resistance to said command be met by armed State Troopers to take the resisting party – your four year old daughter, your 96 year old grandmother – away in handcuffs.

The good news:

A NY Supreme Court judge called this insanity null, void, and unconstitutional and PROHIBITED the Governor from proposing anything like this ever again.

I’m sure the True Believers of the Mask Wearing Cult are weeping.



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