Online resources

Youtube and others

Adelma Grenier Simmons

Adirondack wild plants

Alan Goldhamer

A Guy. A Girl. And a Campervan

Charles Dowding

Earth Mum – WBAI

Eat Weeds

Eat the Weeds


Far North Woodcraft

Harding’s Ginseng Farm

Healthy Foods

Herb TV

Herb Mentor

Herb TV Online

John McDougall

Matthew Wood

Medicine Hunter

Mountain Rose Herbs

Native Survival School

Plant Abundance

Plant Based

Plants & Healers International

Profitable Plants

Trillium Wild Edibles


Western Botanical Medicine

Wild Blessings

Wild Grown

Wise Woman Tradition

Won With Nature

Woodsman School

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The Brasscheck/Real Food Reading List

We recommend these books as a foundation for educating yourself about health in the 21st Century.

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