Why did so many people “die of CoVid” in NYC?

Brasscheck’s in depth interview with Erin Marie Olszewski RN

The truth about the epicenter

The big question in the Current Criminal CoVid Con is what happened in New York City?

Why were the chances of dying of Fauci’s Fraud 70x greater in NYC than in the rest of the world population.

(That’s not a typo. 70x greater. NYC has 0.1% of the world’s population, but 7% of the world’s CoVid deaths.)

There is an answer to this important question and someday the world will know the truth.

Meanwhile, you can know it right now.

We did an in depth interview with whistle blower Erin Marie Olszewski RN who is leading a movement of nurses and other medical personnel in a national movement to come forward with the facts about how CoVid patients were treated in New York City public hospitals and elsewhere.

Video of Erin along with clips of Cuomo and Fauci

How hospitals treat patients in the CoVid Era

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