Sinister lying by the news media – again

Turning an all-too-common tragedy into another faked covid case

Last May, Brasscheck shined a light on the on the news media fraud of the CDC trying to link Kawasaki Disease in infants to the CoVid Con.

Apparently, that particular piece of dishonest attempt to to provoke hysteria didn’t stick.

Here they are at it again with an even more sinister gambit.

Help us spread the word and shut this one down too.


The death of this young woman is tragic.

However, without an autopsy and formal declaration it is total fraud to say this woman “died of CoVid.”

That she died after she was put on a vent is clear. Should she have been put on a vent? Was she properly cared for on the vent? We have ample evidence that many patients – thousands – have been put on vents unnecessarily and killed by incompetent and careless medical care.

Beyond that, there is something even more important at issue:

The US has the worst mother survival rate of any developed nation in the world by far and the numbers have been getting steadily worse over the years with no end to deterioration in sight.

How bad is it?

In the US 26.2 out of 100,000 women die in childbirth.

The next closest country is the UK with 9.2.

This means that means that THREE TIMES as many women die in childbirth in the US as the UK.

If you look at less dysfunctional countries the numbers are even worse.

A woman is FIVE TIMES more likely to die in childbirth in the US than Spain. SIX TIMES more likely to die in the US than Ireland or Italy.

About the previous con…

Kawasaki Disease is almost certainly a vaccine injury: high fever, inflammation, peeling skin all within days or weeks of getting infants getting ADULT-SIZED vaccinations (the only kind available to them, they are NEVER given doses calibrated to their body weight!)

The CDC well knows this is a common occurrence because the Vaccine Court has had to make payments to the families of infants killed this way.

In May, in a calculated fraud with the help of their friends at the news media, knowing they could “count” on Kawasaki Disease cases, the CDC attempted to label these injuries “CoVid Cases.”

Brasscheck helped kill this particular fraud in its tracks.

Since we are apparently the only news source, large or small, that identifies and documents these frauds as they arise, we depend on you to spread the word about this reporting.

Our attack on the CDC’s attempted Kawasaki Disease is CoVid Fraud

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