Sinister misrepresentation of science

The latest criminal lie: “Covid causes psychosis and suicide”

Professional liars hard at work

Extraordinary misrepresentation of science.

Fact: There was a dramatic spike in suicides, attempted and successful, especially among young people during the first wave of the CoVid Fraud.

One “health leader” says that it’s because CoVid has a rare complication: suicide caused by psychosis. This is pure unmitigated fraud.

Something we cannot say too many times.

This Con was NEVER meant to be an honest scientific discussion.

From Day One it’s been a deliberate and sinister misrepresentations of science to advance a commercial agenda and in the UK part of the agenda is to gut the NHS, the National Health Service.

The Nazification of UK Medicine: Interview Kevin P. Corbett Ph.D.

The story in question

Rare Covid-19 complication sees patients suffer psychosis and become suicidal, expert says

The study that was cited

The term “suicide” was not used even once in this study.

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