Slow Death by Root Canal

Common procedure with high risks

Censored medical news

I have mixed feelings about people in the medical profession. 

There are definitely some skilled and dedicated people practicing medicine, but there are also a whole lot of “good Germans” i.e. people who go along with whatever the “norm” is even when common sense (and science) shows they are injuring people. 

Doctors and dentists as a general rule have two serious mental disorders: 1) they believe they “know it all” and 2) they never admit to mistakes. This is a very dangerous state of affairs when it comes to your health. 

Everyone who wants to be healthy and reasonably safe from physician-induced illness (a very, very common malady) must become their own doctor in this sense: 

If you’ve got a medical problem of any kind, trivial or serious, and you’ve received a diagnosis and a recommended treatment, you must do your own research as to the safety of the proposed drug(s) and/or procedure. 

Dig deep because, guaranteed, your physician or dentist will not take the time to inform you of risks, assuming he’s even able to. 

Second, get second, third, and fourth opinions.

Example: It took me EIGHT different specialists (complete with expensive MRIs) to figure out why a knee problem I had was not healing and ultimately I had to figure it out myself with the help of informed guidance from a very capable and truly dedicated physical therapist. 

The cause of my problem?

Exercises I was doing that had been prescribed to me by an MD. 

That’s right. The exercises I was doing that a physician said were essential to my recovery were actually undermining any chance my knee had to stabilize and mend itself. 

Multiply this story by millions and you’ve got the state of medicine and what happens when you blindly accept the advice of a doctor without doing your own detailed research. 

It’s your body. No one is going to ever care more or work harder to heal it than you. 

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Do not abdicate responsibility for your health to anyone.

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