Speculation on the origins of the Coronavirus

Accidental release from a Chinese research lab

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Is the Coronavirus man-made?

If so who made it and how did it get released into the population?

The answer to the second and third question may be as simple as government incompetence and corruption…two things we can always count on in China and at home.

Seven things support Adams’ speculations:

1. These is a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan
2. China – like all governments – “plays” with virus synthesis
3. The people who run such programs are, by definition, corrupt, disorganized and incompetent
4. The virulence of this particular virus
5. The fact that the original, and ongoing, response is a Chinese government cover up
6. The fact that the mainstream news media can’t make these obvious observations
7. The fact that the mainstream news media and Big Tech are already attacking and taking down the sites of anyone who asks these kinds of questions.

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