Telecom and the CoVid Con

The surprise owners of CNN, NBC, Yahoo and Time Magazine

This video censored by Google/YouTube

NOTE: It only took them 22 minutes to find and delete this video. Good work guys.

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* NBC…owned by Comcast
* CNN…owned by AT&T
* Yahoo…owned by Verizon
* Washington Post…owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
Amazon started its own online pharmacy in November 2020
* Time Magazine…Marc Benioff founder of, the creator of the “vaccine cloud” and the employer of Peter Schwartz, author of the Rockefeller “Lock Step” scenario document

Then there’s

* FOX, owned by Murdoch, in bed with GlaxoSmithKline
* Google, the tech and PHARMA company which rips people off for its own account

The book we referred to

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