Testing, testing, testing

The unreliability of “CoVid testing”

Voodoo-fraud, not science

Elon Musk got some publicity recently for asking an obvious question about the reliability of “CoVid testing”

We’ve dealt with this subject voluminously since March.

The science hasn’t changed.

There is no such thing as a “test for CoVid.”

They don’t even have a reliable test for the SARS-2 virus which they claim causes the disease they called “CoVid.”

(If you want a laugh, go to the CDS’s own website and read THEIR definition of “CoVid.” It is so vague as to be completely useless clinically. Literally, anything can be called “CoVid” under their description.)

In any event, there is no lab test for a disease called “CoVid.”

The tests are for the presence of genetic fragments that may – or may not – indicate the one-time presence of SARS-2 which may – or may not – cause “CoVid.”

There is ZERO SCIENCE to any of this.

This is the same garbage science that Fauci and Friends used to create their “AIDS Empire”

It’s all explained in this film


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