The best twitter channel on CoVid shutdown

The simple, factual post that got his account shut down

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This is the tweet that got Ken’s account shutdown.

His account was closed within seconds of posting it which means it was carried out by an artificial intelligence program.

Because he refused to withdraw his post, he has been frozen out of his account “pending appeal.”


“Shill” – One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

John Ellis, like virtually all of the “journalists” who have provided support for the CoVid Con, is not a doctor, not a scientist and gives no evidence of ever having received training in health care or science, yet he has enthusiastically and uncritically supported every assertion made Tony Fauci and others who have been proven wrong repeatedly.

The substances being called vaccines are in fact experimental gene therapy, not traditional vaccines. They are experimental in the sense they are using a new technology that has not proven to be safe or effective.

The FDA has NOT approved these substances for use on human beings. They are in fact being distributed under “emergency use authorization” only, a legalistic justification that only applies when: a) there is a genuine emergency and b) there is no other means for address the emergency.

By this definition, the use of authorization of these substances for use on human beings is a fraud. There is no emergency that justifies it and the vaguely defined ailment “CoVid” (see the CDC’s own website for its definition) can and has been treated successfully by many means.

By blocking this tweet Twitter is engaged in an active fraud on the public.

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