The Censored-by-Google Film Festival

The February 2022 List

Harming the public by censoring science

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February 02, 2022
The horror – one case study
February 03, 2022
CANADA! Brasscheck delayed – but not stopped

February 04, 2022
CANADA! – We found Trudeau’s hidden bunker

February 07, 2022
ALERT – Canadian govt using gun thugs to provoke demonstrators

February 08, 2022
Brasscheck connects the dots… again

February 09, 2022
If you want the news…

February 11, 2022
“It’s a catastrophe”

February 12, 2022
The 9/11 investigation – New revelations

February 15, 2022
So much evil, so little time

February 18, 2022
Inside the twisted mind of Justin Trudeau

February 28, 2022
Canadian police targeted women and older citizens


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