The Monkey Pox scam

More bullshit from the medical industrial complex

Watch for the small pox vaccine push

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Audio Addendum:

Watch for the small pox vaccine push

Below: See the movie “Fauci’s first fraud”

If you have not yet seen this video which we released in August 2020 it explains not only the CoVid Fraud, but the Monkey Pox Fraud.

Both are the product of politics, NOT medicine and certainly not science, as was the template for all these scams, the AIDS “crisis”, Fauci’s First Fraud.

Monkey Pox is shaping up to be a replay of the AIDS crisis which became a social movement to make the deviant, reckless behavior of a very small minority of homosexual men sacrosanct and a topic that cannot be reported accurately, let alone discussed rationally.

During the AIDS crisis, Fauci, his pharmaceutical industry clients, and the PR people they hired turned these behaviorally transmitted diseases into a crusade to bring “cures” to millions of people who did not need them. In the case of AIDS, their “cure” (AZT) killed hundreds of thousands of people – including many gay men – and cost the US government well north of $1 trillion over the last 40 years.

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