The much-neglected source of human life

Rescuing plant wisdom

The remarkable work of Dr. Rosita Arvigo

Dr. Rosita Arvigo is one of our heroes and we think she’s doing some of the most interesting and important work on earth. 

Plants…we are totally dependent on them.

They provide our food (even if you’re a meat eater, the meat you eat was raised on plants.)

They provide our quality clothes (cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk – sheep and silk worms live on plants of course)

They are essential to our housing.

They’re the foundation of many of our most effective medicines. 

Oh, yes, and they produce the oxygen we breathe. 

But how much do we know about the plants that literally make our existence on earth possible? Surprisingly little. 

Alarmingly, as the very same time we are clear cutting rain forests and bulldozing other environments, we’re also losing some of the planet’s most highly informed practical plant experts, specifically those who know how to use plants to treat illnesses and injuries. 

Rosita has labored her entire adult life to turn this situation around. From her base in the small country of Belize, she’s not only helped document huge portions of Mayan medicine threatened with cultural extinction, she’s also created models that other countries can follow to preserve painstakingly learned plant wisdom. 

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