The Scenario

Social programming

The 2010 report that set up the CoVid Con

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Would you believe that in 2010 someone predicted exactly what is going on today in very specific detail?

Not a coincidence.

It was social programming done in conjunction with Bill Gate’s “Decade of the Vaccine” which he declared the same year.

The challenge was how to coerce healthy adults to accept experimental medical procedure en masse.

Step One: Massive media hysteria based on exaggeration and fraud
Step Two: Suppression of cures
Step Three: Manic promotion of vaccines as the only solution
Step Four:  “Collective punishment” – business and social services shutdowns, mandatory masks “until the vaccine.”
Step Five: Vaccines mandatory as a condition of employment, travel and using public resources

Professional scumbags like Peter Schwartz were hired to think through the “how to.”

“Coincidentally” he’s now Chief Futurologist at, the company that created the global vaccine management system which will soon include mandatory digital vaccine passports


Schwartz’s 2010 Lockstep Scenario

Peter Schwartz and Klaus Schwab’s Orgy of Totalitarian Fantasies

Medical Mass Murder in NYC Public Hospitals

Medical Hysteria

It’s Coup

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