Toddlers still forced to wear masks (April 4, 2022)

No other place on earth does this – few ever did it at all

Mother fired from her job for asking the question

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Not only does NYC continue to mask toddlers, but mothers who ask the mayor questions about it are fired from their jobs.

This is happening right now April 2022.

New York City mayor Eric Adams, who is a poster child for why cops should never become allowed to be mayors of cities or county executives, claims he is following the science.

What science, you arrogant, corrupt, brain dead moron?

The US is practically the only country on earth that ever masked toddlers and even the world’s most unhinged countries have stopped this pointless and sadistic practice (except for maybe the abusive government of Communist China.)

Attorney Daniela Jampel, mother of three, was on maternity leave when she asked the question and was fired by order of the mayor for “disrupting” his LGBTQ rights press conference with this question about the welfare of small children.

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You can’t make this up.

1. The group that is working on this is:

2. The mayor’s office is: 212-788-1400
There will be a long recording about CoVid, then a live operator.

Then you have to ask specifically to be transferred to someone to take a message for the mayor at which point you will be put on hold for a long time.

When you finally get through tell them you’d like to leave a message for the mayor. You get to say 50 words and they will transcribe them.

I’d say simply you are opposed to toddlers being masked in daycare, NYC is the only place in the world that does it, and there is no science to support it.

Note: Remember that the people taking these calls are NOT the people responsible for what this miscreant mayor is doing, so be cordial.

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