Using a “pandemic” to lock down the world permanently

Recorded in October 21, 2014

Real Journalist Journalist Harry Vox

They did a test run with Ebola – and then shut it down.

Now, they’re rolling it out big time.

Everything happening today was predicted in absolute detail – in 2014.

More information about real journalist Harry Vox.

Note: The scenario Vox talked about was produced by Stewart Brand and Peter Schwartz of the Global Business Network.

Brand is the person responsible for helping use LSD imported into the Bay Area to disrupt the broad based anti-war movement there of the mid 1960s. He and Schwartz also set the anti-social, pro-corporate tone of Wired Magazine, a project they started with fellow crypto-fascist Nicolas Negroponte, the founder of the scandal ridden MIT Media Lab which was so closely connected with Jeffery Epstein.


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