What every struggling vegan must know

It’s not the same experience for everybody

Is the DNA of the human body distorted by eating a meat diet?

Everyone talks about why to become a vegan and how to become a vegan…

…But very few people talk about the very real problems that some adults have when they attempt to go 100% plant-based. 

If you were raised on an unhealthy, meat-heavy diet, it’s very possible that your body was changed, right down to the level of your DNA. Changed in such a way that you are not able to extract essential nutrients from plants the way someone who was raised on a plant diet can. 

If you’ve made a serious attempt to go 100% plant for an extended time and you’ve got energy and/or muscle problems that are not getting better, it may be time for you to talk to a specialist who can look at your blood tests and see what’s going on.

It is still 100% worthwhile to get animal products out of your life, but for some people it is biologically harder than others and you may need some help. 

Now you know why McDonald’s etc. want to get the kids eating their “(Un)Happy Meals” early and often. 

Michael Klaper MD, the speaker in this video, can be reached through this organization: 


More information in video on the subject and other vegan related topics here:


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