What happened to this cure?

The work of Kary Mullis

The shocking, but not surprising answer

In what could be an endless series, we ask what happened to this cure, in this case, the technology that Kary Mullis developed to stop deadly infections safely?

The not-so-surprising answer.

While Fauci was spending taxpayer dollars on sending dangerous gain-of-function technology to a Chinese weapon to Wuhan with one hand, with the other, he was suppressing this technology by denying it NIH research funds.

When he’s not promoting fraudulent science or dangerously toxic, he controls all federal research dollars for infectious disease research.

Kary was the Noble Prize-winning biochemist who invented the PCR test that Fauci fraudulently used to “find” AIDS cases; there were none. Fauci used the same trick to create a bogus CoVid case count.

When he was alive, Kary routinely and very publicly denounced Fauci as a fraud.

Kary’s dead now. He died in the summer of 2019 from a bacterial infection this technology could have successfully treated.

When you calculate the number of premature deaths, Fauci is responsible for the easy number in the many millions.

Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR talking about how the interpretations of the test are misused.

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