What you need to know about cardiologists

Hint: They don’t know what they’re doing

Speaker: Sherry Rogers MD

What you need to know about cardiologists…

Hint: They don’t know what they’re doing and what they don’t know (and what they don’t care to learn) could kill you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thank goodness for the First Amendment and thank goodness for the rare, rare, rare doctor who: 1) bothers to open a book or scientific journal occasionally and 2) has the integrity to tell the truth.

I don’t keep secret the contempt I have for the vast majority of physicians.

They’re ignorant, they’re arrogant and they do enormous harm to innocent people while personally profiting from a system that is massively corrupt.

If you want to survive in a reasonably healthy state, you’ve got to learn how the body works and stop your dependence on the entirely random, self-serving crap that is dispensed in this world and called “medicine.” Of all the scams in this world – and there are many – this is one of the most vicious.

But there is a way out: self-education.

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