Where is all the testosterone going?

Levels down 20% ++

One word: Plastics

Testosterone levels are down in males 20%++

Where is it going and why does it matter?

It matters a lot.

Low testosterone is a predictor of many diseases in men and boys including autism, cancer, heart, disease and diabetes.

So where is it going ?

Nowhere really, but male hormonal balance is way off because of plastics.

Testosterone shots and patches do not work. In fact, they trick the body into thinking that it has all the testosterone it needs so the body stops making it. (Perfect Big Pharma solution.)

What to do:

1. Avoid handling plastics or consuming things that come in plastics(that’s a lot of stuff)
2. Avoid hormone-packed meat and dairy
3. Don’t do drugs, cigarettes, and excessive alcohol
4. Get more sleep – that’s when the body produces its testosterone supply

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