Yard gardens under attack

Town insists that the garden be torn out

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A small but growing number of people are taking control of their own food, growing healthy fruits and vegetables in their front yards. They’re replacing unproductive lawns with edible landscaping.

Some towns, however, have not responded well. In Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, town officials have insisted that most of a beautiful edible garden be ripped out by July 24, 2012. The reason? The town has an ordinance that prohibits a front yard from being more than 30% vegetable garden.

This online petition tells the story and asks the town to reconsider.

Update July 24, 2012: The online petition has received more than 12,000 signatures. The city of Drummondville has issued a stay on removal of the garden until September 1st.

The video shows the transformation of a yard from lawn to a beautiful edible landscape.

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