300% increase in hospitalizations AFTER “vaccine” rollout

Nurses threatened with termination for filing a single VAERS report

In 2020, despite a few “epicenter” hospitals that got overwhelmed with COVID patients, most of the country actually experienced lower-than-normal hospital admissions.

But all that changed in 2021… After the “vaccine” rollout.

Hospitals started to face serious staffing shortages after forcing their employees to get the shot.

There was a 300% increase in the rate of hospitalizations.

As well as a 10-fold increase in daily “code blue” events – serious cardiac or pulmonary arrests – coming from the floors where COVID “vaccines” were being administered.

On top of it all, nurses who dared to speak out – or even document the injuries they were seeing, as they are ethically obligated to do – were threatened with termination.

The final part of my three-part interview with nurse Gail Macrae.

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What the Nurses Saw

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