All about toxicity and detoxification

The essential 21st century survival skill

Dr. Mercola interview Dr. Shade

I edited this down from an hour and forty minute interview.

This information is the result of over 12 months of research on my part.

To find this gem, I read dozens of books, screened hundreds of hours of podcasts and videos, and talked to many expensive (and mostly useless) doctors.

I finally found someone who explains the detoxification process in a thorough, rational, comprehensive way: why it’s needed, and how to think about it.

This is NOT a cookbook approach. It is a way of thinking.

You can talk to 10,000 doctors and not get a better overview.

Share this widely please!

It’s the essential 21st century survival skill an is the root of many, many otherwise “unexplainable” health problems.

The full interview is here:

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