Misdirection and “resistance leaders”

Are some of these people working to make sure the right questions are not addressed?

Deliberately missing the big picture?

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If one blocks all discussion of the fundamentals, doesn’t that help pave the way for a repeat?

Having been one of the first people to push back on the fraudulent CoVid narrative (February 1, 2020), I’ve had a ringside seat to all the newcomers to the resistance.

It’s turned into quite a cottage industry.

I can’t help but note that some of these people have been VERY late to the party and they seem to specialize in:

1. piling up deep and confusing technical minutia that’s interesting, but ultimately not helpful in understanding the roots of the scam.

2. energetically ignoring the fundamental questions about the episode, specifically how the whole fraud ever got off the ground in the first place.


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