Another whistleblower nurse

It sure looks like they’re killing patients

“It’s a nightmare out of a horror movie”

We told you ten days ago that many ICU physicians were expressing grave doubts about the CDC-mandated treatment for serious CoVid-19 cases.

They are treating the disease like acute pneumonia even though it doesn’t act like it.

How long can they continue to do the wrong – but very profitable – thing that appears to be killing patients?

I have personally been in a NYC emergency room myself as a patient several years ago and I can confirm the very low level of care you can expect if you find yourself in that situation – and that was from a top tier Upper East Side hospital.

Everything in this account rings true.

Whenever you see the government/media aggressively cheering “heroes”, you can count on the fact that something is being covered up.

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly?

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