Michael J. Stern and USA Today

Irrational, ignorant, hate-spewing

As a sign of how despicable the news media has become, USA Today recently gave a prominent platform to a non-scientist, non-doctor to encourage people to coerce and threaten others with social violence if they don’t agree to be unpaid subjects of medical experiments.

Should you wish to read the original USA Today propaganda piece and comment on it

My letter:

Dear Editor,

When did Michael J. Stern become a scientist, physician, or public health expert?

Yet you give him a platform to spout hatred and recommend attacks on people who don’t share his uninformed medical opinions.

The fact is no CoVid vaccine has been approved for human use by the FDA. They are being distributed under Emergency Use Authorization. That is not FDA approved and you and Mr. Stern are engaged in a misrepresentation of fact and medical reality in the service of commercial interests.

No one should be coerced or threatened into accepting an experimental medical procedure and his rhetoric and your support of it is despicable.


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Murder by hospital

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