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The new JFK book is off to a great start

Thanks to Brasscheck supporters, our new book “John F. Kennedy: Anti-Imperialist” is off to a great start.

As of this writing, we are one of the top four books Amazon recommends when people search John F. Kennedy.

What is this all this about?

Of the over 40,000 books written about the Kennedy family, JFK, and the assassinations, readers can hardly find this simple fact:

JFK was an outspoken opponent of the US behaving like an oppressive imperial power.

Kennedy not only had plans to pull the US out of Vietnam (he talked about the impossibility of any foreign military succeeding there in the 1950s), he was also working towards nuclear disarmament, reigning in the most disruptive country in the Middle East, and dismantling the CIA’s “coup and assassination” machine.

This is an important book and we’re counting on Brasscheck subscribers to support it in during its launch week. This short video tells you how.



John F. Kennedy Anti-Imperialist: His Character and Intentions Revealed in Five Speeches and One Telegram

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