Business as usual in the “health care” system

Attempted murder by hospital thwarted

Produced by Citizen Camera

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In case you missed the “punch line” in the story, the hospital literally attempted to coerce this man’s daughter into killing her father by agreeing with their desire to withhold care so he would die and they could cover their own criminality.

The reason their effort failed and this man is alive is his daughter resisted their pressure – and their blantant lies.

This kind of things goes on in hospitals every day.

CoVid has amplified the corruption of this vile system, but it was already rotten to the core long before.

This happens to be a Canadian story, but it could easily have taken place in the US, Australia, the UK or any place that has turned over its people’s medical care to the criminals.

And that’s what all the doctors, nurses and hospital administrators in this story are: criminals. And they get away with it are are paid lavishly for it every day of the week.

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