CBS is proud of this?

They are still (as of 5/16) promoting it on their YouTube channel

Warning: This is HIGHLY offensive and disturbing material.

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This isn’t “free speech.” This is advertisement. Advertising claims are regulated as they should be.

Specific companies and products are named and promoted, plus CBS has commercial relationships with all these companies.

If CBS received specific compensation for these ads, that’s interesting. If it did not, that’s even more interesting because then THEY are the advertiser and potentially subject to liability.

Beyond this insanity being an advertisement, it’s also medical advice.

Also on what basis, is CBS giving medical advice? There are specific laws regulating that.

On what basis, is CBS giving medical advice? There are also specific laws regulating that and penalties for violating them.

This all gets very interesting when you count the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who watched these ads, got the vaccines based and their claims and advice and were injured, sometimes seriously and sometimes killed.

Is this the biggest class action lawsuit of all time?

Is this the end of CBS? Can CNN and MSNBC also somehow be roped in as defendants?

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