Fauci, AIDS, and other Mysteries

The Precursor to the CoVid-19 Scam

Long audio – Abridged version below

Until the last few months, very few people had heard of Anthony Fauci.

It might be time for us to ask what Fauci was doing BEFORE he became the equivalent of the unelected Dictator of the World Economy.

How many people have contemplated the fact that Anthony “Little Tony” Fauci has controlled the course o all infectious disease research since 1984?

How does someone keep a top bureaucratic job like that for 36 years?

How many people know that Fauci has controlled all AIDS research dollars for the same length of time and was one of the literal founders of the “AIDS is a virus” theory?

How many people know that, based on this disputed theory, Fauci promised an AIDS vaccine way back in 1984?

How did that work out? It didn’t.

Thirty-six years later there is no AIDS vaccine.

Now we are being told that life won’t return to “normal” until we have coronavirus vaccine.

Don’t you think we better do some research into Tony Fauci?


1. Fauci is a product of the Bush Family

2. What do you know? Vaccinations are dangerous after all

3. Fauci is Dr. AIDS

4. Fauci promises an AIDS vaccine – in 1984

5. Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis

He invented the tool – the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique – that Gallo, Fauci, and others used to “prove” that what is called “AIDS” is caused by a single virus.

Research by Corey Lynn

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund?

Is AIDS U.S. $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 2: The Global Fund

Africa, AIDS and Fauci in 17 Tweets

1. “Africa” is a hopelessly vague word. Just like “Europe.” Example: Zurich and Palermo might as well be different planets. Africa is exponentially even more diverse culturally, linguistically, economically, intellectually

2. “Helping Africa” is both emotionally charged and vague for Westerners…an ideal set up for running a massive scam. It’s far away, reporting from and about Africa is negligible, and baseline ignorance about “Africa” is profound

3. The poor in Africa do need a lot of things: 1) safe drinking water, 2) basic ag tools like tractors, 3) help with real tropical diseases, 4) debt relief from Western scams run against them. Gates, Fauci, the Clintons, the Bushes have ZERO interest in helping with those things

4. What people like Fauci, Gates, the Clintons and Bushes are interested in is AIDS? What is AIDS actually? It’s a wide range of diseases that have been put under a single umbrella. Diagnostic criteria vary WIDELY depending on the country you’re in.

5. Many people in Africa are said to “have AIDS” because the diagnostic criteria are so broad. Also, governments know the more “AIDS” victims they have, the more “help” they will get from Fauci et. al.

6. If it is not clear to people – and why would it, the news media has failed them – Fauci has personally had a lock on all infectious disease research in the US since 1984 and as he will proudly tell you, he has been “working on AIDS” since Day One of the epidemic.

7. In Fauci’s world, ONE virus demodulates the performance of the human immune system and is thereby the causes of DOZENS of different kinds of opportunistic infections. Many including the inventor of the very technology Fauci & Co used to “prove” this say it’s simply not true

8. True or not, it is Gospel and to question it is to invite hysterical personal attack or, if you are in health science, total and permanent career oblivion. Remember since 1984 “Dr AIDS” Tony Fauci controls all infectious disease research in the US

9. Fauci has been promising an AIDS vaccine since 1984 – a fact that concern people who believe life “can’t” get back to normal until we have a vaccine for coronavirus. Fauci has never delivered. The most recent AIDS vaccine failure had the plug pulled in Feb 2020.

10. Failing to come up with a vaccine, Fauci & Co. come up with “drug cocktails” – very, very expensive drug cocktails – that allow “victims” to “live with the disease.” This assumes one virus – and no other cause – creates dozens of different opportunistic infections

11. Americans have grown tired of Fauci’s endless testing of “AIDS drugs” and “AIDS vaccines” on them. With a bottomless well of money to “cure AIDS” with one taxpayer funded scheme after another, what’s Dr. AIDS to do? He, Gates, etc. needs a place to “run trials.” Africa is ideal.

12. “Africa” is the perfect place for human testing. “Helping Africa” sounds so good. There are real needs there and many governments know if they want help in other areas very often the only way to get it is if it comes as part of an “Anti-AIDS program”

13. The bottom line: In order for Fauci to keep his 36 year old money pump pumping – researching, manufacturing, testing an endless succession of drugs and vaccines with taxpayer money – he, with the support of both compassionate Bush presidents, set up shop in Africa

14. If you didn’t know, the Bush family is a very Pharma-friendly family. If you think I am overstating the dependence of Fauci’s AIDS scam on the Bush family, watch this

15. Here’s what Kary Mullis the inventor of the process that Tony Fauci used to “discover” the “AIDS virus” said about the virus theory of AIDS

16. The man, who invented the tool that Tony Fauci used to “prove” that a SINGLE virus causes the multiplicity of diseases called “AIDS”, says, charitably, that Fauci is “fooling himself.”

17. Bottom line: The man who is the current unelected dictator of the world economy is the same man who has been running a multi-billion “research program” for 36 years years that has produced no vaccine, no cure and no proof that a single virus is the cause of the illnesses called AIDS.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Gates, Fauci, and the coming Coronavirus vaccine


Why is this discussion of the biochemistry of CoVid-19 being censored

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