Healing in a most unexpected place

“Heart Child” – A Film by Ben Duffy

Crys Worley and the A.Skate Foundation

Life is full of surprises – and sometimes they’re good.

A most intractable disorder made better in an entirely unexpected way.

The human body is a miraculous system and it thrives on the right kind of stimulation.

If fact, a sure way for someone to add to existing injury is for them to withdraw from stimulation.

This puts children with autism in a difficult bind.

Because of sensory processing problems, much of the stimulation of day-to-day life can be overwhelming and even painful to them.

Is there a sensory input that is not overwhelming or painful that can help them make positive contact with the outer world?


It’s called balance.

It seems simple, but the pursuit of balance is a powerful medicine for the mind and spirit.

Add a caring person to the mix and miracles happen as this film and the work of Crys and her volunteers clearly shows.

Click here for more information about A.Skate.org

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