How doctors make people sick

Antacids and antibiotics: a devil’s brew

Excerpt followed by full video.

These are good doctors.

They know their business, they are striving to do better, and they are HONEST. (They’re kind of goofy, too, which is refreshing.)

We rail against doctors – because many, if not most of them, deserve it – but some are ethical human beings, not perfect – no one is – but ethical, and that means competent, always striving to improve and honest.

Jargon deciphered:

1. PPI = Protein Pump Inhibitors. A drug widely prescribed used to treat GRD (gastrointestinal reflux diseases), It “works” by undermining the body’s ability to produce stomach acid. This is a very dangerous game because stomach acid essential for killing bad bacteria. Reducing stomach acid invites bacterial infection in the small intestine and other places.

2. C diff – C. difficile, a bacteria that produces a toxin that makes people sick in a wide variety of ways, possibly including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

What causes C. difficile infections?

Antibiotics and antacids.

Sugar and carbs feed C. difficile.

Fevers are a good thing. The heat kills bacteria spores.

The other sure-fire treatment for all diseases: rest and sleep.

The keto diet and intermittent fasting also help the body resist bacterial infections.

The clinic the interviewing doctors says he went to was Sanoviv Medical Institute in Tijuana, Mexico.

The whole video

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