How electromagnetic pollution creates illness

Smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and other demons

The eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room

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How much does electromagnetic pollution contribute to illness?

A lot!

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Generally, this problem is presented in a sensationalist way by pointing at extreme cases—with cruel mockery.

Extreme cases exist, but so do “garden variety” problems that quietly contribute to things like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, developmental and behavior problems in children, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

We are researching solutions (there are some good ones, and many are affordable). We are also researching scams (and there are a lot of those).

No one talks about this health crisis.


The amount of money at stake is staggering, and advertising-supported and corporate-corrupted news media and politicians don’t want to make waves.

Watch these pages for useful information. Meanwhile, educate yourself.


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