Intensive care, intensive spread

Wuhan, Northern Italy and now NYC learned in the hard way

Hospitals as SARS-2 (CoVid-19) breeding grounds

If and when the story of CoVid-19 is accurately told, we may well learn the following:

1. A healthy human immune system can withstand this virus.

2. The exceptions are people with specific medical problems skewing heavily towards consumers of ACE inhibitors. ACE inhibitors create elevated levels of ACE2 which is the very enzyme the SAR-2 virus binds to in order to invade the vulnerable.

3. The “vector” that matters for CoVid-19 is not snakes or bats, but hospitals and hospital workers who did not and in many places still do not understand the extreme precautions that must be taken when there a lot of patients in one place and on respirators

4. Respirators do the work of aerosolizing large quantities of the virus in confined spaces making hospitals and the people who work in them literal breeders and spreaders of the most aggressive varieties of the virus.

Here’s a hospital in Naples. Italy that “got” it after the catastrophe in Northern Italy.

They learned from the Chinese and other East Asians who finally figured it out.

US hospitals still don’t get it.

Part of it is a matter of not having the right equipment, but they also don’t understand what is required, why it’s required and how to use it once they get it.

As far as I know, no Chinese hospitals has allowed a camera crew inside its CoVid-19 intensive care units. This Naples ICU invited camerapeople in.

If the virus is going to be stopped, it must be contained within the hospitals and right now the opposite is happening.

It is being amplified and broadcast with predictable results.

As soon as the first cases hit a hospital, there is an immediate spread of the virus (20% of the early cases are health care workers) and then it explodes then they go back into their homes and communities .

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