It is all a big toxic waste disposal scheme?

Gasoline, Fluoride, Chemtrails, RoundUp

Hidden in plain site?

What do gasoline, fluoride, chemtrails, and RoundUp have in common?

We know the constitution of gasoline changes from week to week. Why?

We know that fluoride is put in American drinking water to “help” us, but not one water system uses pharmaceutical grade fluoride. They all use the fluoride that is the waste product of fertilizer manufacturing.

Any sane person who can look in the sky and register what he or she sees knows that some areas of the world are subject to a on-and-off high altitude spraying program. One of the ingredients of the spray appears to be coal ash. Why coal ash?

The make-up of the “inactive” ingredients in RoundUp vary from region to region depending on where it is being manufactured. Why? That makes no sense. It should be standardized, right?

The answer may be hidden in plain sight.

The reason that the simple realities of these “helpful” products” are covered up and dishonestly defended by their manufacturers and the governments, scientists, and news media they own could be this simple: They are all toxic waste disposal schemes.

Bottom line: It’s a whole lot cheaper to give away – or better yet sell to the government – a toxin that is produced in large quantities as a byproduct of a manufacturing process than it is to pay to dispose of it correctly.

Make sense?

If you know anyone else following this line of research and thought, please let me know.

Here are three videos that support my theory. 

How toxic gasoline replaced alcohol as fuel

How hazardous waste is sold to water systems

The coal ash-chemtrail connection

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