Confronting the silent epidemic

There is a cause and there is a cure

What Petro-Chemical-Pharma Complex
hopes you never figure out

“Modern” doctors don’t deal in causes and cures.

They deal in “management.” That means you’re supposed to have the disease for the rest of your life – and pay and pay and pay for years until there is nothing left of you financially or physically.

But as every child knows, all things have causes.

If you never look to the CAUSE, you have no hope of having a solution.

I think half the training that “modern” doctors get is to say the following sentence with a straight face: “We don’t know what causes (fill in the blank.)”

What they should really be saying, if they were telling the truth this:

“We don’t know what caused your illness – and we don’t care – because at the end of the day you’re less than a farm animal to us. We’ve got this book and it tells us which drug, operation or device to give you. and we get paid whether it works or not. You’re on your own. Next!”

The reality is it takes work to think through, identify and verify causes.

No two patients are alike. No disease manifests in two people the same way.

Before you can even begin to understand a person’s health situation, you have to know the PERSON – what’s in their home, what’s at their work, what their home life is like, what’s in their past, what they eat, how they sleep, what’s in their blood, how they’ve been injured by past medical interventions, etc.

Bottom line folks: When it comes to our health, we are on our own.

We have to become the experts.

An hour a day – with the right resources – working like a serious student (take notes, think, follow up on every lead), and you will know more than your doctor in a week, more than a specialist in a month, and more than virtually any doctor on the planet in a year.

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