Is there a treatment that works?

Fauci is “curious” but doesn’t care – He’s “all in” on vaccines

A promising treatment being censured

Fauci – Not interested in treatment, “20% improvement is good enough”

This was a 35:34 minute interview.

Fauci spent 1:53 minutes idly speculating on treatment and already giving up on anything more than a 20% reduction in deaths. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the interview talking about the intricacies of vaccine development.

Also, the interviewer spent a full 7:00 minutes of the interview fellating Fauci ts the beginning and end of the interview (how hard you’re working, how famous you are etc.)

A sincere doctor trying to figure it out – removed from his ICU duties

A 100+ year old substance approved by FDA as a food additive and EPA as a chemical to be added to drinking water – but BANNED for discussion as a potential treatment for this or any disease

Coincidentally, or may not so coincidentally, last year at this time the news media went on bizarre, all-fronts attack against the clinicians, researchers and families who chlorine dioxide.

They even succeeded in having every book written about the subject, including those authored by MDs and PhDs, removed from Amazon.

Multi-ten thousand person groups that had sprung up devoted to advocating and educating about it were removed by Facebook as were dozens of videos on the subject by Google’s YouTube property.

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